Nokia ‘runied’ Withings health app: Users

Nokia took over the health tech firm Withings in 2016 and recently replaced the Withings Health Mate app with a Nokia-branded version. People love Withings products and the the associated Health Mate App has been the cherry on the cake.

But looking at many reviews, it seems that many of the users found the new design to be less user friendly and frustrating. Many issues were encountered and some of them are yet to be resolved.

Some of the issues:

  • Historical weight data not displayed in app
  • Navigation and UI issues with weight data graphs
  • Temperature and CO2 widgets missing
  • Luminosity, Noise, and Temperature data not displayed for Aura users
  • Normal ranges for Weight, BMI, Body Composition not appearing in the app
  • Swim data missing from the app
  • Inability to set or edit alarms on the Aura
  • Inability to log food or access the Nutrition screens
  • Inability to link Health Mate to MyFitnessPal
  • Inability to edit your Profile (email address, height)
  • Inability to set or change a Reminder  and many more.

Some reviews(Android and Apple store):

  • Terrible, Terrible update, ruined a fantastic app… not exactly what I would want attached to the name change from withings to Nokia.
  • First of all, I haven’t liked the new update that Nokia/Withings has made. I liked the old version better.
  • I don’t like the aesthetics of the new app and so forth.

Nokia is taking care of the bugs, and also some versions are out there with many issues fixed. My question here is Why Nokia would release an app with bugs? And rather making it fancy they should consider developing it just like Withings? 

We can just hope that Nokia does not ruin it more further.  


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