Developing first website under TheWebDexter brand!

Last monday, I got a call from one of my Schoolmate regarding the development of one website for his client. Due to inexperienced in WordPress site development he asked me before taking the consignment.

I was more than happy to implement my WP knowledge on some real website with reputable people. I asked him to collect requirements of the client so that I can research upon topics related to his requirements.

During the process I learnt almost a new way to develop website than what I had learnt already. Developing a website (not related to typically technology magazine) but a customer or client demand oriented website was a tough task. Immediately on Tuesday I accepted the offer, we collected all the requirements from client and by Thursday we started developing website with all the necessary requirements from our client.

Slowly & gradually developing website was like making every portion of the website perfect. I am a kinda person who either deliver best or do not deliver at all!

With several failed attempts (completely wiping all functional website due to some fatal errors on server side) leads to finding new ways for better website development.

After finalising the website on 8th Day we ran several dummy test to see whether site breaks on particular input. But it isn’t! which is a great success for me!

Developing website for client leads to finding new ways to optimize websites for performances & also found them very helpful to develop future websites.

Now tomorrow that is exactly after 7 days of initial development, I am ready to transfer the website to my client. Hope all goes well and he already liked the website but still needs to understand his point of view on the website & some kind feedback on how can I improve more!

Visit client website at lawswithmohit


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